How To Projects

For many, facing a “blank canvas” is a source of anxiety.  Every project starts with your imagination and a trip to the craft store.  The toughest part is already done.  Once you have a clear vision in mind, that inspiration will carry you from the start to the gratifying finish. To pique your interest, below is a selection of project photos.  Please click the title or photo for complete “How To” instructions.

Painted Stegosaurus
Finished Dinosaur

Mother of Pearl Earrings
Mother of Pearl Earrings

Decoupage Photo Collage
Finished Plaque

Painted Octopus
Clear Coat & Suction Cups

Painted Wooden Flamingo
Painted Flamingo

Harry Potter Monster Book
Harry Potter Monster Book

Bejeweled Box
Jeweled Box

Mirror with Applied Suncatchers

Beaded Earrings

Sledding Friends

Lighted Snowman

Feathered Mask
Mask - Painted Blue and Outlined with Rhinestones

Halloween Centerpiece
Illuminated Pumpkin & Owl

Halloween Bats
Bats & Owl

Ocean Wreath
Ocean Wreath

Wall Stenciling

Painted Sea Turtle & Friends
Green Sea Turtle

So many projects – so little time…Consider the possibilities and then make it your own.  You’ve got this!

Happy Crafting!