Everyone knows inspiration can strike at any time. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as a sunset or a pretty vista. Other times it’s a subtle feeling. Occasionally inspiration sneaks up on you when you least expect it, but there are some very frustrating times when it seems nowhere to be found. Below are a few examples of project inspirations to get your creative ideas flowing:

Artwork on a Case of Beer inspired…Cold Beverage Coasters.
Cold Beverage Coasters
These coasters were easy to make. Cut out the artwork and laminate each piece. Seal the edges with black duct tape. Glue each coaster to a cork backing and you’ll have a nice little gift for the beer lover in your family.

A festive Fox Toy inspired…Santa Claws Guiding his Sleigh.
Foxy Santa
In this case it was the missing items, namely a tail and a hat, which inspired this Santa Claus centerpiece. Foxes are known for their thick, beautiful tails. Who knows why the manufacturer neglected to provide one? It was easy enough to fix with a little faux fur. The hat was an obvious necessity, since the fox was already decked out in Santa’s finest coat, pants and boots.

Love of Chocolate inspired…Homemade Crispy Chocolate Caramel Bars

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s amazing how tempting a little piece of chocolate can be. These candy bars are so easy to make. I’m inspired to make a batch right now, but I better finish this post first! For instructions, please click here.

An ornately decorated Easter Wreath inspired…an Ocean Wreath.
Ocean Wreath
The colors, textures, and intricate details were eye-catching and beautiful, but an Easter wreath has a very limited time frame. By switching to the aquatic theme, the wreath can be displayed throughout the spring and summer. For instructions to make this ocean wreath, please click here.

A pair of Witch’s Boots inspired…an Illuminated Halloween Centerpiece.
Witch Boots Centerpiece
This centerpiece is more like a sculpture. You’ll notice little details as you change your point of view. For instructions to make this Halloween centerpiece, please click here.

A Butterfly Floral Garland inspired…this pretty Springtime Wreath.
Butterfly Wreath
Butterflies are always a cheerful reminder of warm spring weather and beautiful blooms. This wreath is probably the easiest floral arranging you will ever do. For instructions to make this wreath, please click here.

A Printed Seashell Plaque inspired…this Shell Encrusted Wall Art.
Seashell Plaque
The original plaque could not have been more boring. If you have a bunch of seashells collected during summer vacations, this is a great way to display your treasures. All you need is a glue gun and in no time they’re ready to hang.

This Leopard Print Fabric inspired…a Jeweled Treasure Chest.
Bejeweled Box
Leopard print is a fashion staple, and combining it with turquoise is a bold twist. Those colors inspired the palette of this jewelry box. For instructions, please click here.

A Sled Wall Hanging inspired…a Sledding Adventure Centerpiece.
Sledding Centerpiece
This sled was meant to be hung on the wall as-is. It’s amazing how quickly it calls to mind many fun times playing in the snow as a child. With a little imagination and a few playful friends, the adventure is about to begin anew. For instructions, please click here.

These Witch’s Legs inspired…a Bewitching Halloween Wreath.
Halloween Wreath
You have probably seen these witch legs before, mounted on a wood dowel. They can be placed upside down in a planter or pot. Instead, they were placed in the bottom of the wreath with her hat on top. Looks like she had a little flying fender bender.

I hope these photos will inspire new project ideas. Magazines, online searches, and a visit to the craft store are also great resources. With an infinite supply of inspiration and a few well-chosen supplies, you will be on your way to creating your next masterpiece.

Good Luck & Happy Crafting!