Crafter of the Month – April 2018

This article is one in a series featuring crafts made by members of our community.

Yarn Skeins

Our April Crafter of the Month is Kathy, from Broomall, PA. It is said that charity begins at home. Kathy has taken this message to heart as she uses her crocheting skills to make lap blankets for people confined to wheelchairs, in nursing homes and religious organizations. While watching television or talking with friends, that crocheting needle is always in hand. Below is a small sampling of her work.


White Rainbow Baby Blankets

A handmade baby blanket makes a great gift. Don’t know whether it will be a boy or a girl? No problem. White super soft yarn with rainbow stripes in pastel pink, blue, green and yellow will coordinate with any décor in the nursery. The loose weave creates lightweight comfort and warmth. Tip: Baby blankets tend to be rather small. You might want to consider making a larger size to be shared by a parent and the baby for an afternoon nap or a ride in a rocking chair.

Bright Pink Multi-Color Afghan

No one could miss noticing the vibrant colors in this sassy pink afghan. The fringe has been doubled for an ultra luxurious appeal. Because it is oversized, it can be used as a bedspread, or draped across the back of a sofa, within easy reach, for movie night or binge watching television.

Blue & White Baby’s Blanket

It’s a boy! This soft and inviting baby blanket is ready and waiting to wrap up a newborn in cozy style. Babies are fascinated by colors and textures. The spacing of the stitches in this blanket allows the baby to grip the fabric, holding it close like a warm hug. Tip: Most yarns are machine washable, but never assume. Always check the label prior to purchasing yarn for your next project. Baby blankets require a lot of washing, and many toddlers continue to carry around their baby blankets like cherished friends. Buying washable yarn will ensure years of enjoyment for the baby and the parents.

Adult Coloring:


Poised upon a tree branch, this pigeon is ready to take flight. The pencil strokes define the feathers, especially upon the neck, tail and wing. Use of shimmering colors on the side of the head is a realistic touch. The brilliant colors of the eye, beak and feet grab your attention as he stares back at you. The shading and colors on the branches add texture and the new leaves hint at the time of year, spring.

Spotted Owl

Owls are often heard but not seen. This spotted owl seems perfectly content to remain where he is. Those sharp inquisitive eyes are perfect for finding prey in the dark. Contrasting colors define the feathers across the wings and body. Strong claws anchor this large bird upon a branch, while the boulder in the background suggests this perch is high above the ground as it would be in nature.


Painted Oar

Green design has been an important part of protecting our environment for generations to come. Kathy has actually taken action by reducing waste, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. The seagull in this photo was painted upon an old wooden oar from a rowboat. The blue and white color scheme brings to mind sunny days at the seashore playing in the sand. The wind, water and feathers are depicted using various brush strokes. This newly repurposed oar would look great hanging above a bar, or over a sofa in an ocean-themed room. Tip: Other than a little sanding, the oar was kept in its original condition. A base primer coat of paint should first be applied to prepare the raw wood prior to painting your designs. Curtain rod or tapestry holders, purchased in any home improvement store, will proudly keep your creation in place for all to admire.

Happy Crafting!