Fun with Photo Editing II

Jungle in the City

When it comes to photo editing, creativity truly has no limits.  You can make it rain, perform death-defying stunts, or build a civilization on the rings of Saturn.  That is a powerful tool!  With the right software, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Here are some fun photo-editing ideas to explore: 

Playful Wildlife

Spider & Bird

If you can find two animals or insects with similar coloring, combining the two will be more successful.  Placing the new creatures against a natural background enhances the believability of the illusion. 

Child’s Play

Kids with Butterfly & Giraffe

Kids do the most adorable things.  Photo editing makes the impossible possible.  All you need to do is find a cool background image and insert your family members for some entertaining results.

Guess What I did on Vacation?

Sea Cave

We all take vacation pictures, and of course sometimes they don’t quite come out the way we planned.  With software, you can straighten images and you might as well add a few embellishments just for fun. 

Sweet Dreams

Baby Napping on Swan

Babies are probably the most popular subjects for photography.  Have some fun with your child’s photos on cards, invitations, and to share with family and friends. 

A Great Read

Girl Reading with Wolf

Surprise the book lover in your family with a one-of-a-kind portrait, celebrating their favorite pastime.  The key to this illusion is the light and shadow throughout the composition.

A Trick of the Light

Lighting Irish Tree Tunnel

Lighting makes all the difference for this Irish tree tunnel.  The photo on the left has a fanciful, playful atmosphere, where you might expect to spot unicorns or leprechauns.  The image on the right looks and feels dark, desolate, and ominous – a perfect haunt for banshees. 

Project Runway

Airplane Fashions

Everyone is familiar with runway fashions, but this bride takes us above and beyond our wildest expectations.

By the Light of the Moon

Moonlit Prom

Going to a prom or a formal event is a milestone event.  Commemorate that special evening with an equally memorable keepsake.

Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty

This photo looks so real that it gives me shivers! 

He Said She Said

Hiker & Velociraptor

She says: “If I remain very still, he won’t see me!”  He says: “Hey!  This must be my lucky day!  Breakfast is served!”

What is so Funny?

Lion & Girl Laughing

Instead of fear, this image is amusing.  The tilt of their heads, the sunlight upon fur and hair, and the clever way the weeds frame the subjects makes you wonder if they know something we don’t. 

Fairytales with Attitude


The neutral color palette unifies this otherworldly image.  The tiniest details, from the individual strands of her hair to the sunlight streaming through the leaves of a tree, have been meticulously rendered.  The light in her eyes and the special effects surrounding the apple imply fierce confidence and power.  In this version of the fairy-tale, Snow-White kicks the evil Queen’s butt. 

T-Rex Attack

T-Rex Attack

I realize high-definition technology is constantly evolving, but this is way over the top!  The woman looks terrified, and the T-Rex is equally menacing.  The stark walls keep your attention focused upon the action without distractions.  I think it would be interesting to shine light upon the T-Rex to cast a larger-than-life shadow upon the fireplace, which would tower over the woman. 

Motocross Racing

Motorcross Dirt Race Track

Tires grind the track surface in search of traction, sending dirt flying, as this motocross competitor races to the finish line in the palm of your hand!  Wow! Very realistic!

Motocross on Steroids

Motocross Ocean Race

In an alternate reality, why race upon a fixed dirt track when you can blaze a new trail across the waves, with nothing but white foam and sea spray in your wake?   

The Desert Meets the Ocean

Tortoise & Dolphins

Bringing water to the desert is no easy task, especially if you have to carry this heavy burden upon your back.  The well-defined tortoise shell, the bubbles in the water, and the swimmer with dolphins combine to create this amazing three-dimensional image.  The light penetrates the water, as if the sun is shining upon the ocean’s surface.  The stark contrast of the blues and browns draws the viewer into this fascinating image. 

I hope you enjoyed this exploration of photo editing software and feel inspired to give it a try.  You probably have lots of photos on your phone, tablet, or laptop right now, just waiting to be transformed into a treasured memory, a humorous gift, or a unique work of art.  What will it be?  You decide! 

For more photo editing, please read the first part of this series: “Fun with Photo Editing.”

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

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