Art Studio Visitors

As a “dog person” for most of my life, I am amazed to find myself fostering not one but two cats.  I foresee several amusing distractions during upcoming projects.  You may be wondering how two cats could be helpful in an art studio.  Let’s find out…

Quality Control

Cat with Paint & Brushes

“I earned a master’s degree in watching paint dry.”


Cat Yoga Poses

“I get some of my best ideas while doing yoga.”

Stress Relief

Pet Me

“Pet me and we will both feel better! And get rid of that dog pillow! It’s freaking me out.”

Design Development

Two Cats on a Cat Tree

“Remember, everything looks better with cat hair on it.”

Design Ideas

Can We Talk?

“Can we talk? Make more cat-themed crafts, which are edible and tuna flavored!”

In the best possible way, the art studio will never be the same  

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

7 thoughts on “Art Studio Visitors

  1. The gray one is a boy named Smokey. He loves food and gets quite excited at meal time. The brown and tan is a girl named Maya. She knows she is a beautiful girl and grooms her coat to perfection. Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great day!


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