Inspiring Cake Designs

Oreo Choc Cherry Cake

A well-designed cake sets the tone (e.g., romantic, playful, humorous), or complements the theme (e.g., fairytales, natural wonders, hobbies, holidays) for every celebration. Let’s find out more…

What Lies Beneath:
As the saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Cake decorating focuses upon the exterior, while the inside is often overlooked. These cakes conceal design surprises to wow your guests.

Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Cake

Over the Rainbow

Rainbow Layer Cake


Checker Board Cake

Just Roll with It

Christmas Log Roll Cake

Nature’s Candy:
Sweet, colorful cake decorations really do grow on trees. Fruit may be sliced, dipped, powdered, or pureed, but the results are guaranteed to be beautiful and delicious.

Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream Cake

Modern Art

Fruit Glaze Art Cake

Creamy Temptation

Strawberry Choc Cake

Textural Wonder

Textural Cake

Layer Upon Layer

Exposed Layer Cake

Little Details:
Whether they are delicate or bold, smooth or textured, real or surreal, little details make all the difference. These cakes are almost too pretty to eat. … Almost!

Let’s Play

Soccer Ball Cake

America’s Sweetheart

Minnie Mouse Cake

Couture Fashion

Designer Handbag Cake

High Profile

Designer Shoe Cake

Rev Your Engines

Sports Car Cake

Home Sweet Home

Owl & Bunny Cake

Gardener’s Delight

Gardening Cake

Five Star Cakes:
These camera-ready celebrities take center stage to entertain via storytelling, visual impact, and evocative sculptural details.

Love Blooms

Elegant Wedding Cake

Perfect Balance

Fruit Floral Wedding Cake

What’s Your Poison?

Jack Daniels Cake

Mermaid Tales

Little Mermaid Cake

Sweet Dreams

Children's Birthday Cake

At the Crossroads

Birthday Cake

Hawaiian Getaway

Sealife Cake

Beyond Here Thar Be Monsters

Halloween Cake

I never realized how frightening a cake could be! Is anyone else disturbed by this menacing creation? It looks like it may eat us instead of the other way around. Yikes!

All Sewn Up

Sewing Machine Cake

My grandmother had a sewing machine just like this one. From the needle and thread to the folded fabric and the dresser it sits upon, it is incredibly realistic and entirely edible. Yum! Maybe I’ll take up sewing after all.

There are so many talented people designing cakes to wow an audience. It seems there is nothing they can’t do. I hope you have been inspired by these photos and will give cake decorating a try. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time…

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

21 thoughts on “Inspiring Cake Designs

  1. It is a wonderful and delicious post as always!
    Love it!!! A great way to start the day or ending one, cakes, sweet and beautiful.
    “Don’t judge a book by his cover” Wow! We can apply it for all, as you says cakes too and people…
    Why we just put a label fr the apperience of everyone?

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  2. My grandmother had a sewing machine just like this too, makes me smile when I saw it.
    And ofcourse she will love the cake as well with a cup of coffee…
    Thank’s for share, for your time, kindness, dedicatione and for all.
    Have an amazing dy full of all the things makes you so happy!
    Enjoy your coffee!

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  3. My favorite is “Perfect Balance.” The sewing machine cake is fascinating – how does it not fall over? I would like to make a cake that looks like a travel trailer! 🙂 Great post! A treat for the eyes!


  4. Hi Elvira. Hope all is well with you. I am recuperating after a medical emergency. I apologize for not keeping up with your beautiful story, but will try to catch up. Thanks for your support! All the best! (Btw my name is Lisa) Take care! You have an amazing week too!

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  5. Oh! My dear friend, don’t worry.
    Hope you are better, I understand, I was worry about you. Yesterday afternoon I was writing and suddenly Word press though me out, I can get inside my desk. After many times until late night. Decide to turno of the laptop. Until today I can fixed, had to change password. Then, I am late doing all the things, but don’t forget yo visit your amazing blog Lisa. Thank’s God you are ok. All the best as well! Have a amazing week too!
    Take care a lot, please.

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  6. One day out of the blue I realized I didn’t answer your question about the sewing machine cake’s stability. Many pros use white PVC pipes to create structural support. A short vertical pipe and a long horizontal one are bolted together and then secured to a plywood base. Rice Krispie treats are molded over the pipes to create the sewing machine and then they are covered with fondant and the details are added. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

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