Ice & Snow Sculpting

Angel & Peacock Ice Sculptures

Artists face many challenges bringing their works to life.  It’s the price to pay for creativity, but it is so worth the effort.  If your medium happens to be ice or snow, temperature and time conspire against you. 

Carving Ice

Chain Saw & Ice Chipper

Many tools are utilized in creating these sculptures, including chainsaws and ice chippers. Changes in texture, lighting, opacity, and color result in spectacular works of art. Let’s explore this frosty world before it melts, living on only in our memories.

Medieval Dragon

Dragon Clear Ice

This dragon springs to life with his gaping jaws, flexing wings, and a swoosh of the tail. Every tiny detail, from the reptilian scales to the razor-sharp teeth, can be seen from a distance. My only criticism is that the individual blocks of ice are still visible in some portions of the sculpture.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon with LEDs

A golden dragon is an auspicious sight, signifying good fortune and wealth. Backlighting from soft LED lights provides the perfect aura for this highly esteemed creature.

Full-Color Chinese Dragon

Dragon with Colored Ice

Food coloring, added to the water prior to freezing, produces ice sculptures with bold, powerful presence.  Notice how the ice becomes opaque with the infinite color possibilities, while the sleek shine reminds us of its frozen nature.

Wolf on the Prowl

Ice Hotel Bar Wolf Sculpture

Cool-white LED lighting, and precarious placement overhead, on what appears to be a slim tree branch, produces an unsettling sense of drama in this beautiful wolf sculpture.

Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey

A fierce expression, threatening stance and cool color LED lighting give this predator the respect he is due. At any moment, he may fly off in search of easy prey.

Don Quixote Rides into Battle

Don Quixote

Momentarily, Don Quixote pauses his heroic journey to turn and look at his surroundings. Opaque white ice highlights their faces as well as the rider’s contorted body, which is probably an outward sign of his conflicted mind.

Seductive Dancer

Woman Dancing

Soft feminine lighting, a delicately beaded necklace, and long, flowing tresses of hair come together to focus all attention upon this seductive woman’s face, but it’s the opaque whites of her eyes that truly draw you in and dare you to come closer. 

Reclining Smoking Man

Man Smoking

It’s all in the details. The checkerboard flooring, the folds and patterned trim upon his clothing, the tufted cushions, and the exquisite curves of the sculpted waterpipe are astounding. The soft, blue and purple lighting creates a hazy atmosphere as if smoke is floating upon the air.

The Peanuts Gang

Peanuts Gang

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang are very popular with adults and children. These adored comic strip characters spring to life in spectacular, three-dimensional form, and dazzling colors.

Santa’s Reindeer & Christmas Tree

Reindeer & Xmas Tree

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some flying reindeer and a decorated tree. The fragile antlers, textured tree garland and decorative gift bows are meticulously sculpted.

Harbin China Ice & Snow Carving Festival

Sculpted Ice Architecture

The largest ice and snow carving festival in the world is held in Harbin China. Did you know there is an ice sculpture festival in Florida? The Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando hosts its festival in December, where the interior temperature is a balmy 9°F.  Yes, you read that correctly. Fortunately, the resort provides parkas! Brrrrr! Guess where the ice carving artists are from? Harbin China.

Snow Carved Children Playing

Snow Sculpture Kids

Sculptors, who enjoy working outdoors, carve snow in the winter and sand every summer. Not many artists have their materials provided by nature.

Snow Carved Dog

Snow Sculpture Dog

Everyone has built at least one snowman in a lifetime. Why not think outside of the box by sculpting a dog. This handsome boy looks like he’s ready to jump up any minute to chase a squirrel.

Snow Carved Wall Art

Ice Hotel Wall Art Winter Scene

Relief sculptures adorn the walls of this ice hotel. Tiny crystals catch the light like twinkling stars against a field of snow.

Snow Carved Architecture

Snow Architecture

Seeing this impressive structure, with lacelike architectural details, it is easy to forget it is made entirely of snow. The warm glowing lights inspire visions of what it would be like to step inside.

Snow & Ice Carved Lounge

Ice Hotel Lounge

Looking for a place to chill out? The lounge in this ice hotel offers sculpted walls of snow and carved ice seating draped with fur throws. (I have a romance writing friend who will love these chairs.)

Snow & Ice Carved Chapel

Ice Hotel Chapel

Brides, grooms and their guests will need to bundle up before the ceremony inside this chapel carved from ice and snow. No architectural details have been overlooked, from the “stone” walls to the impressive arched windows with diamond-paned glass.

Backyard Snowman


So here we are looking at the typical backyard snowman. Stack a few oversize snowballs, add fashionable accessories, the facial details, and call it done. But it could be so much more…

Frosty the Snowman

Snowman Ice Carving

With blocks of ice and sculpting tools, a master ice carver can create masterpieces like this Frosty the Snowman, an audience favorite.

Mother Nature’s Dragon

Dragon Haareis

Haareis (Hair Ice) is a rather rare but natural phenomenon on dead wood, where ice crystals grow in hair-like formations. This amazing dragon is just a little reminder to all of us that Mother Nature is the original Artiste.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the world of ice and snow sculpting. Do you have any favorites? Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!