Coloring – It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore

A wide variety of coloring book subjects

Do you remember how much fun you had coloring as a child? The box of 64 Crayola Crayons, with the built-in sharpener, was like the Holy Grail. Not to worry – those days of fun and creativity can be yours once again. Adult Coloring has arrived.

Adult coloring display

Coloring groups are forming across the country and around the world. A few times a month, many local libraries and community centers host Adult Coloring Nights, and the materials are provided free of charge. Participants share drawing tips and a few laughs, as well as the occasional homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Can’t find an Adult Coloring group in your area? Start your own. Coloring is a great activity for all generations, so invite your friends, and family. Bring new meaning to “Happy Hour” by inviting your co-workers to join in on the fun. A quick online search provides free downloadable pictures. Your local craft store has a wide selection of colored pencils, gel pens, magic markers, and crayons, which are all frequently on sale.

Abstract Spiral Design

There’s more to coloring than meets the eye. Having fun is obviously the first benefit, but it’s also therapeutic – reducing stress, stimulating the brain through decision making, and socializing for people who may not otherwise have opportunities to make new friends and enjoy time away from their hectic, everyday routines. World-renowned rehabilitation facilities have adopted adult coloring as a standard part of their therapy programs.

Coloring is easy, providing instant gratification for beginners, while presenting significant challenges for the more advanced. For many people, this is their first introduction to the world of art, and can lead to an interest in pursuing arts and crafts classes.

Even on a coloring book page, there's nothing quite like a Ferrari.

Publishers and art supply companies have begun catering to this new adult market, creating more complex designs in a wide-variety of genres, such as history, geography, nature, sports, and fantasy. Digital galleries have been popping up online to display the finished works.

Coloring in progress.

There was a time when some well-meaning adults might have uttered the words, “Aren’t you a little too old to be coloring?” Today we’re more likely to hear, “Scoot over and pass me the red and blue pencils.” Make room on the refrigerator! The big kids are here to color!