Psychology of Color: Brown

Choosing a color is a very personal decision. This article is one in a series to explore our connection to and meanings behind various colors, and their uses in arts and crafts.

Field of Hay Bales

“Back to Basics” brown is present in the landscapes of all climate zones around the world, from polar ice to tropical islands. Brown is associated with everyday expressions, such as being “down-to-earth” and “having your feet firmly planted on the ground.” It engenders warmth, calm, and relaxation, while enabling us to reconnect with nature to reset our internal clocks. As creatures of the land, brown anchors us as we explore, knowing we can always return to home base.

Tigerseye Jewelry

In fashion, brown is considered a neutral, coordinating with all other colors, but it can also lend an air of drama. For centuries, jewelry has been worn as personal adornments, a means of self-expression. In the above photo, Tigerseye, Black Onyx and silver beads create an edgy, statement piece of jewelry. In the necklace on the right, Tigerseye and Natural Mother of Pearl combine with gold accents, for a softer, more refined appearance.

Chocolate Candy Assortment

Surely chocolate is one of life’s pleasures. Candy makers start with selections of rich milk chocolate or decadent dark, and fillings to satisfy any sweet tooth. Colorful candy coatings provide a visually appealing rainbow of choices. When it comes to chocolate, any excuse will do: Happy Tuesday!

Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine is a natural, renewable resource. Variations in the vine thickness, texture, and growth patterns make each completed project a unique creation. Simulating nature, this wreath features tiny leaves and colorful blooms springing forth from the grapevine, essentially bringing the outdoors inside. Hidden among the foliage, the soft pastel eggs, in shades of green and yellow, are reminders of the coming spring.

Knitted Scarf

Novelty tan and white yarn provides texture, shimmer and extra softness in this knitted winter scarf, which spices up an otherwise boring jacket with a little feminine luxury.

Pyrography - Wood Burning Art

What could be more earthy than a nice piece of wood? The words on this plaque were created using a technique called wood burning or pyrography. Specialized pens are used to burn designs onto wood plaques, furniture, decorative pieces, and can also be used on leather. Different pen tips allow the artist to create fine, detailed lines, stippling effects, and shading. Stencils can be used to transfer patterns and designs onto the wood. Due to the high temperatures of the tools, adult supervision is advised for all wood burning projects.

Happy Crafting!