Painting 101 – Part 2


Welcome to part two delving into the inspiring art of painting. As we go, we will examine different types of paints and techniques to pique your interest. By the end, I hope you will have better insight into the many artistic possibilities and take away a few ideas for future creative projects. Let’s go…

Oil Painting: Produces incredible effects ranging from translucency to rich sculpted textures.

Oil on Canvas

Oil Painting Artist

Compared to other options, oil painting requires more supplies, such as solvents, primer, and varnish, and as a result the chemical fumes necessitate working in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors.

Smooth Application

Oil Painting Dog Portrait

Applying oil paints with brushes produces intricate details and luminous colors.

Thick Textured Application

Oil Painting Flowers

When oil paint is applied with a palette knife (a.k.a. painting knife), textures can be achieved with sculptural, three-dimensional accuracy found in nature such as leaves, flowers, and trees.

Fine Arts Collectibles

Oil Painting Egg

Prior to using oil paints, surfaces must be prepped with primer or gesso, and upon completion the finished work should be sealed with varnish to protect the paints.

Wall Art

Oil Painting Nightscape

The preferred choice of world-renowned artists, such as Van Gogh, and Michelangelo, and da Vinci, oil paints are excellent for a wide variety of subjects in styles ranging from classical to abstract and everything in between.

Paint Pens: Offer precise control for detailing and illustration.

Assorted Paint Pens

Paint Pens

Paint pens are prefilled with water-based paints, oil-based paints, or fabric paints in a variety of colors. Since many have strong fumes, you may need to work in a well-ventilated room or paint outdoors.  

Specialty Finishes

Paint Pens Butterfly

Tip sizes are available in fine, medium, and broad. You can create layers of colors and finishes, such as metallics and glitter.

Any Materials

Paint Pens Rock Painting

Whether you plan to paint rocks, plastic, metal or just about anything else, there is a paint pen for it. The only limitation might be very thin materials, which may allow the paint to bleed through, so remember to have a protective cover underneath to protect your worksurface.

Exterior & Interior

Paint Pens Birds

Interior or exterior projects are no problem. Be sure to check pen labels for usage because sometimes store displays become mixed up. Find the right pen for the job and it will last for years to come.

Hand Drawn Designs

Paint Pens Birdhouse

Let your imagination run wild on new DIY projects or existing items with a fresh coat of paint and custom hand-drawn designs.

Paint Pouring: Represents playful self-expression, where each combination of colors results in freeform, one-of-a-kind designs.

Mixing Paints

Paint Pouring Artist

Although acrylic paint cleans up easily with soap and water, you will need gloves, an apron, a covered worksurface, and drop cloths to protect the floor.

Abstract Art

Paint Pouring Abstract Art

Cups of paint are simply poured onto a canvas or any object, and then tilted back and forth allowing gravity to handle the initial composition.

Decorative Items

Paint Pouring Easter Eggs

Paint pouring utilizes unusual tools, including a hairdryer, wooden craft sticks, balloons, drops of silicone, and a kitchen torch.


Paint Pouring Tabletop

Lively patterns resemble natural stone, undulating waves, or clouds drifting upon the sky. Turn ordinary tabletops, ceramics, coasters, picture frames and more into unique works of art.

Abstract Art

Paint Pouring Abstract Art

Set your inner child free by exploring the playful world of paint pouring.

Watercolor Painting: soft and dreamy with vivid colors and subtle nuances.

Watercolor Basics

Watercolor Painting

For many people, watercolors are the first introduction to painting with beginner’s trays prefilled with paint. Watercolors are nontoxic and cleanup is easy with water.

Dreamy Gardens

Watercolor Painting Flowers

Be sure to paint on watercolor paper, which dries flat. Regular paper is too thin, resulting in bubbles when wet followed by warping when dry.

Water & Sky

Watercolor Painting Notre Dame

Watercolors are the perfect choice for painting water and sky, accompanied by reflections rivaling those in nature, but architecture presents a challenge. As you can see, the edges of Notre Dame Cathedral lack definition. Please refer to the photo below for the solution.

Watercolor Painting & Technical Pens

Mixed Media Taj Mahal

When you are painting a world-renowned landmark like the Taj Mahal, you really need to get it right because people will notice if something is out of place. Watercolors can be combined with technical pens, creating clean crisp edges for the structures and soft fluid movement in the reflecting pool and sky.

Aquatic Scenes

Watercolor Painting Sea Turtle

Ocean vistas and all the denizens of the sea benefit from the use of watercolors, which ebb and flow onto the page like the tide upon the sand.

Painting Gallery:

Oil Painting

Oil Painting Forest

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Wall Art & Cards

Paint Pens & Airbrushing

Painted Cats Mixed Media

Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring

Painted Pottery & Ceramics

Painted Pottery

Oil Painting

Oil Painting Wood Plaque

Paint Pens & Acrylic Painting

Mixed Media Figurine

Watercolor Painting & Mixed Media

Mixed Media Hummingbird

Paint Pens & Airbrushing

Mixed Media Guitar

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Mixed Media Sculpture Painting

Mixed Media Metal Sculpture

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Lynx

I hope you have found some inspiration to paint whatever appeals to you in a style all your own. To narrow down the options, review the painting photos above and search for more online. Notice the colors, patterns, textures, subjects, and special effects. Notice which ones really capture your attention. Do you have any favorites? Please let me know in the comments section. In case you missed part one of this series, please click here. Good luck with your painting endeavors!

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

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