Inspiration: Lost & Found – Part 2

Inspiration at the Seashore

Inspiration is everywhere. With our hectic schedules, we sometimes fail to notice. Let’s take a few minutes for some much needed “Me Time” to look for sources of inspiration and then figure out how to channel that energy into a burst of creativity. Let’s go…

Inspiration – Sunset at the Beach:

Maui Sunset

Key West, Florida is just one of the many places around the world where people gather to watch the setting sun. Nature puts on quite a dazzling show with bursts of color, luminous clouds and reflections upon the rippling water, thrilling viewers of all ages.

Birds of Paradise Flower Arrangement / Hand Dipped & Carved Turtle Candle

Bird Paradise & Turtle Candle

Fabric & Fashion Design / Fire Dancing

Tropical Fabric & Fire Dancer

Sun Mosaic Tile / Writing & Playing Music

Sun Mosaic Mural & Sunset Music

Sunset Illustration / Abstract Sun Stained-Glass Window

Tropical Sunset Illustration & Stained Glass

Sunset Painting / Sun Metal Sculpture

Lighthouse Sunset Painting & Sun Metal Sculpture

Inspiration – A Nebula & Starry Sky:

Blue Nebula

Staring up at the night sky, we realize how small we really are in such a vast universe. From the time we are children, we wish upon the stars, hoping one day the person, place, or thing we want most will magically appear. United we stand under the twinkling night sky and realize anything is possible.

Cool Tone Crocheted Afghan / Astrology

Afghan & Astrology

Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes

Digital Portraiture / Pansies Flower Arrangement

Fantasy Portrait & Pansies

Abstract Art / Star Wars CGI

Galactic Abstract Art & Star Wars Special FX

Stained Glass Picture Frame / Iridescent Beaded Necklace

Stained Glass & Necklace

Inspiration – Plumeria Tree Blossoms:

Pink & Yellow Plumeria

Although they are native to Central and South America, plumeria trees are best known for their colorful, aromatic presence in Hawaii. Visitors are often greeted with plumeria flower leis, which have an unforgettably sweet scent, perfuming the air in this island paradise.

Perfumes, Bath & Body Products / Plumeria Flower Lei

Perfume & Flower Lei

Floral Ceramic Tile / Exotic Flower Arrangement

Ceramic Tile & Exotic Silk Flowers

Silver Plumeria Jewelry / Vibrant Crocheted Afghan

Plumeria Jewelry & Crochet Afghan

Handmade Scented Soaps / Digital Collage

Decorative Soaps & Digital Collage

Tropical Illustration / Flower Petal Mandala

This concludes part two of this creativity post. Do you have any favorites? Have you been inspired by an experience to create a new work of art? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and stay tuned for part three next week. If you missed part one in this series, please click here.

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

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