Inspiration: Lost & Found – Part 3

Inspired Jump for Joy

This is the final post in this series, and so far, we have seen many inspirations and corresponding artistic expressions. I think it is important to mention that you don’t have to travel far in your search. In fact, you can be inspired in the comfort of your own home by paging through books and magazines, watching television shows or movies. Look outside a window or take a walk around the block. Flip through photos from past vacations. The inspirations are there waiting to be discovered.

Inspiration – Formula 1 Racing:

Ferrari Formula 1 Car

High-precision engines roar to life. Sleek racecars swerve side to side on the track, warming up their tires before taking their places upon the starting grid. When the lights go out, pure power explodes accompanied by an adrenaline rush, propelling the cars and drivers forward at speeds of up to 200 mph and the fans go wild. Formula 1 Racing is sure to inspire.

Go Kart Racing / Formula 1 Car Driving Simulator

Go Karts & F1 Simulator

Car Painting / Model Building

Car Painting & Model Build

Beaded Jewelry & Precision Watches

Jewelry & Watch Making

Formula 1 Fan Apparel / Luxury Leather Goods

Fan Apparel & Luxury Leather Goods

Watercolor Painting / Special Effects Photography

Watercolor & Special FX Photography

Inspiration – Colorful Parrot:

Red, Blue & Yellow Parrot

Playful, curious, and never at a loss for words, parrots are the entertainers in the animal world. Spend a little time with one of these colorful, expressive birds and you will be smiling before you know it. share that joy with family and friends through your next creative project.

Latch Hook Wall Art / Sculptural Metal Wall Art

Latch Hook & Metal Sculpture

Paint Pouring / Digital Painting

Paint Pouring & Digital Painting

Tie Dye Clothing / Wildlife Abstract Art

Tie Dye & Abstract Art

Jungle-Themed Stained Glass / Tropical Candleholders

Glass Jungle & Candleholders

Ceramic Tile / Tropical Throw Pillow

Ceramic Tile & Throw Pillow

Inspiration – Buddhist Temple in Oahu, Hawaii:

Byodo In Temple

Located in Hawaii, the Byodo-In Temple offers visitors the gifts of peace and tranquility as they admire intricate architectural details, reflecting pools teeming with koi, and lush Eden-like gardens. This gentle, meditative energy can be expressed artistically.

Koi Painting / Marble Buddha Sculpture

Koi Painting & Sculpture

Water Fountains / Calligraphy

Water Fountains & Calligraphy

Bonsai / Japanese Fabric Design

Bonsai & Fabric Design

Water Garden / Meditation Space

Water Garden & Meditation

Origami / Koi Mixed Media

Origami & Mixed Media Koi

Inspiration – Painted Lady Butterfly in a Garden:

Painted Lady Butterfly

With no particular destination, and obviously in no rush, butterflies flutter from bloom to bloom like colorful little fairies brightening our gardens and our spirits. Their vibrant colors, graceful movements, and eye-catching patterns are excellent resources for artistic endeavors.

Watercolor Garden & Butterfly Paintings

Garden Watercolors

Butterfly Earrings / Digital Portraiture

Jewelry & Portraiture

Mosaic Tile / Butterfly Scrapbooking

Mosaics & Scrapbooking

Butterfly Wall Mural / Butterfly Illustration

Wall Mural & Illustration

Butterfly Metal Sculpture / Butterfly Special Effects Photography

Metal Sculpture & Special FX Photography

As you can see, inspiration can come anytime or anywhere, when you least expect it. Sometimes inspiration comes from your favorite pair of pajamas, and other times it may be an awe-inspiring view of the Grand Canyon. Whenever you find inspiration, let it into your heart and mind, stirring your passion and creativity. Your next work of art might really surprise you! Please share your thoughts in the comments section. If you missed the previous posts in this series, please click here for Part 1 or click here for Part 2.

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

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    Great share as always! Aww the origami! Thank’s for share it.
    Have a wonderful day full of lovely craftings!
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