Year of the Rabbit 2023

Floppy Ear Rabbit

January 22nd marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  This is the Year of the Rabbit. These gentle creatures have a lot to teach us and we can all use a little motivation and inspiration. 

Get Plenty of Sunshine & Exercise

New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep, but even a short daily walk outdoors will do wonders for the mind and body.

Remember to Rest

Rabbit Resting

Sleep recharges our batteries, giving us renewed energy for whatever the day may bring. What could be better than an afternoon nap?

Appreciate your Family

Mommy & Baby Rabbits

Take care of each other. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or a smile to let someone know you care.

Learn to Share

Rabbits Sharing a Carrot

Everything is better when shared with a friend.

Stop & Smell the Roses

Rabbit Eating Clover Flower

Appreciate the beauty of nature. When you do, life’s magic will astound you.

Let Someone Else do the Driving

Baby Bunny in a Shirt Pocket

Everyone wants to be in the driver’s seat, but as a passenger you can admire the view.

May the Year of the Rabbit be your best one yet! 

Happy New Year & Happy Crafting!

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    Love it, love rabbits! Happy New Year & Hppy Crafting!
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