Designing with Mosaic Tile

Multicolor Tile Wall
They say “Good things come in small packages,” and mosaic tiles are perfect examples. So many options and so little time – Deciding where to begin is the biggest challenge. Mosaics are so versatile for use in every day items, such as tabletops, picture frames, flooring, and artwork. The process is fairly straightforward, and no specialized skills are required. Below are a few ideas for inspiration:

Choose Your Design:

Geometric Mosaic
Geometric Mosaic

Abstract Mosaic Floor
Multi Color Floor

Choose Your Mosaic Material & Colors:

Ceramic Mosaic Salamander
Mosaic Lizard

River Rock Mosaic
River Rock
Many types of mosaic tiles are available in pre-cut sheets to make installation a breeze.

Glass Mosaic Tray
Glass Mosaic Tray
Crafter Tips: To cut costs, some manufacturers make clear glass tiles with solid color or patterned foil backings. The savings are passed onto the consumer – the beauty of vibrantly colored glass without the expense. When using transparent glass tiles, be sure to use white mortar to avoid an unwanted color change.  Coordinate grout color with design.

Apply Mortar Over Strong Substrate:
Wood or any clean smooth surface will do. Using your design as a guide, press the mosaic tiles firmly into the mortar and allow drying time. If required, apply a sealant per manufacturer’s instructions. Crafter Tip: You might want to wear disposable gloves while working with mortar. A friend had gray hands and fingernails for weeks after completing a project. The mortar itself washed off, but the pigments had real staying power.

Blue Glass Mosaic Table
Glass Mosaic Table

Tropical Glass Mosaic Table
Glass Mosaic Table

Apply Grout:

Glass & Beaded Mosaic
Glass Mosaic Geometric
Crafter Tip: The color of your grout will affect the color of the mosaics. Consider your color scheme carefully before choosing the grout.

Challenge Yourself:

Complex Geometric
Geometric Fans

Floral Mosaic Mural
Mosaic Roses

Mosaic Water Fountain
Water Fountain

Mosaic Sun

Cinderella & Her Fairy Godmother
Cinderellas Castle

Mosaic Horse
Horse Mirror Tiles
World-renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, designed this beautiful mirror tiled statue. Thousands of mosaic tiles follow the muscular contours of the horse’s body, complicating an already challenging project, with stunning results.

Happy Crafting!

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