Let’s Go Sledding!

Closeup Photo Sledding

We are well into the new year and at the midpoint of winter.  Snow can’t be far behind.  I have some wonderful memories of sledding as a child, and those escapades are the inspiration for a playful centerpiece.  This project is very easy to make, using many items you may already own.

Wooden Sled
Wooden Sled

The most important element in this project is the sled.  The approximate dimensions are: 22” long x 13” wide.  Craft stores have huge clearance sales, making it a real bargain to pick up a sled or any additional items you may need.

Cruising on a Bed of Faux Snow
Sled with Snow
This snow is actually left over Halloween spider webs. Simply lay it out on the table and pull and stretch it into a shape resembling a snow-covered slope.

Snowman Base Form
Base snowman
The main character in this fun sledding scene is a cheerful snowman that started out as a “blank canvas” so to speak, with three foam balls wrapped in white fabric.

Adding a Few Details
Snowman Details
The buttons and carrot nose were sold separately.  The eyes were painted using light blue and black fabric paints and a dot of white. The smile consists of jewelry maker’s metallic blue seed beads, glued in place using light blue fabric paint.

Finished Snowman
Finished Snowman
The scarf was crocheted with some leftover navy yarn. Sticks for arms came from the backyard. The black top hat was the finishing touch, with the addition of festive trim on the brim, cut from a floral pick.

Completed Sledding Centerpiece – Front
Sledding Front
With the snowman in the center of the sled, it’s time to add a few friends to share the ride. Beanie Babies are a great choice in size, color, and whimsy. We chose animals typically found in the snow: a penguin, a reindeer, and a seal. The caroling pig is a family joke, and you can choose whatever characters will bring joy to your family.

Completed Sledding Centerpiece – Back
Sledding Back
We added a few sprigs of artificial evergreen on the back of the sled to coordinate with the existing wreath. The little guys look so cute with their feet hanging off the back.

Alternate 1 – Sledding Penguin
Penguin Sledding
This centerpiece can be quickly changed by switching out the smaller animals, or by using a different central character, such as a penguin, polar bear or moose.

Alternate 2 – Sledding Moose
Moose Sledding
On those gloomy winter days when there is no snow for playing outdoors, enjoy a little whimsical sledding with a snowman and friends.

Thanks for Reading & Happy Crafting!

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